Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Travelling in Paris and London

Went on the metro today and was a lot more wary. It was just like travelling on the Underground in London. I wonder if this is to be my last journey. I survey people.

How did it come to be like this?

When I was young we were all worried about nuclear armageddon and the build up of nuclear weapons. Well the weapons have been built up and it is just a person with a few bombs strapped to them that is likely to make the difference.

Not a 100 megaton warhead.

But that angst was all after I had played and lost the second round at the other journalists' tennis tournament. I played against the bloke I lost to last year. I actually won games this year. All those lessons have paid off. He has been taking lessons too. So I guess the key is to go on taking lessons and join the tennis club as my tennis coach Rafael suggests.

That's the way to make the step up.

Perhaps next year I'll lose to the same bloke.

I blame my gammy ankle for restricted mobility.

I blame the politicians for their policies that have left us exposed to the extremists.

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