Monday, 23 April 2012

The Confirmation

There's been far too much fun in the house of late. And I've been living a life far beyond normality. Went to church and had the bishop confirm me along with about 16 other people.

A few were being baptised and it was all very Italian with god parents hanging around, photographers and there was a moment when I didn't seem to have room to kneel at the front to get me blessing. Oh woe. I muscled a little place and the bishop did his thing.

The family came and the boy did the decent thing and fell asleep about 15 minutes into the extravaganza. Must have had something to do with the party the night before.

Well if there was ever a good reason to stay out till 2am, that was it. So out we went for food after the confirmation service and Le Grand Corona was serene. Said hello to the boss and sympathised with him as he'd just come down with angina. Next thing we know we were being offered aperos on the house.

All that was left was to send the children up to him to say thank you.

Come Monday and it was lunch with the eldest after her tennis lesson.

As we sat in the restaurant, I said my what a life is this. Sunday supper in the 8th, Monday lunch in the 16th. By this reckoning I will be skint by Tuesday and on the bread and cheese.

Or perhaps that should be bread and wine.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The Holiday part III

Wow wines galore. In fact it was a hyper market of the stuff at a place called the Cave des vins. Fortunately it was not underground. Had enough of subterranean ventures at the chateau at Breze. A chateau beneath the chateau was its unique selling point. And we wended through caverns and dungeons and underground bakeries. Would be a god place for a party or a film. But it was grey and cold and they must have suffered in days of old.

Loire version 2012 is not as hot as Loire version 2011. But 2011 was mighty warm and that was freaky. I have enough layers so that is a good thing.

And the owners have set the heating on. So it's cosy in the morning and not horrific at night. In between it means that you have to go out or get chilly.

But with so many chateau to choose from who would want to stay in. Chinon, Breze. Whar a wonderland.

Monday, 16 April 2012

The Holiday Part II

What I've always found fascinating about self catering holidays is the self catering.

But of course to do this means a trip to the hyper market or travelling with a car load of food. As we did not voyage packed with vittels, Monday has meant a trip to the Super U. Super it was was and U it was cold.

I can't argue with that really but I thought I'd gone into the tundra. When you end up doing the shopping in gloves you know that they take their food conservation seriously.

It fair knocked me out. I had to retire for a siesta while the children watched Harry Potter part 3. Something to do with the prisoner of Azerbaijan.

The eldest let slip that she found Harry Potter quite attractive. Might have something to do with the fact that he is the hero and solves problems. Guess I know what type of bloke she'll be bringing home in the future.

Man of action. That should really help send me into decrepitude. But I think I can do that very well myself.

The moustache project doesn't seem to be progressing apace.

But this is not something you can really do anything about. I looked at the table for the football team and from what I can gather the team is in the relegation zone, not on the fringes of it but actually in the zone with three games to go.

I sincerely hope the star players will be available for the crunch three matches otherwise it is division 3 next season and that would be a real drag. Might win some games.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

The Holiday

To the Loire. What kind of glory lies there? Wine country so you can't go wrong. Well I probably can. I am being encouraged by my family to grow a moustache.

I find this very odd behaviour because there is nothing in my approach that screams moustache.

But I am going along with the binge because it would be churlish not to. Sadly I am not the kind of man that can grow a moustache. I am not hirsute.

Great shame.

I've taken solace in an annual pass for Fontevraud abbey. It cost 25 euros and is only 1 euro more expensive than getting in with the entire crowd. This is bargain country for at Fontevraud rest great kings and queens of France and England.

I first visited Fontevraud more than 20 years ago when I was in another (moustacheless) incarnation. And then they were at the start of their great renovation project.

Needless to say that over two decades they've restored a large part of the ruins and now they even have a couple of cafes. Great history and coffee.

The thing is that we only get down to the Loire once a year but if we visit Fontevraud twice during the visit we'd be quids in.

There are chateaux galore to visit. Not quite sure what kind of state I'm going to be in.

The trip was preceded by a football match with the team. We are in a relegation dogfight. And though we won, the teams in front of us won so we're not really that much better off though a lot better off than we would be had we lost.

I must console myself with that. The next three matches will make or break the season.

UEFA Champions league? Well that's straightforward. English Premier League....Manchester United are five points clear. Veterans B division. It's squeaky bum time to cite a footballing knight.