Thursday, 29 May 2008

The Latest Quest IV

Well I suppose it will go on being the latest quest for some players. The top men are into the third round. While Rafael Nadal looked pretty tasty, Roger Federer got through but it was not as brutal as Nadal's deconstruction of his opponent.

Still can't see Federer winning this tournament. Just doesn't look the part. He looks good but not quite the part.

Shame as he needs it to complete his grand slam collection.

Maria Sharapova was giving the ball an almighty lathering on centre court. I still think there should be a code violation for going over a certain decibel level.

It puts me off. And I'm not even on the court. But I guess those girls on the tour are used to bellows. If it's not from their coaches then it's their adversaries.

I find it loud and vulgar. It's certainly not cricket.