Friday, 6 February 2009

Matchday IX Preview Cup Day

It's a cup tie so I feel all cool about the game. Cool? Could that have something to do with the weather? Probably. Paris is chilly. It is still snowy in London and that means I had better take a decent pair of shoes with me this weekend rather than the Desert Boots of last week. What a sap I was.

Saturday's game is against an outfit who were in the second division last season while we were getting panned in the first division. They were promoted as we imploded.

So we've never played them. They are doing pretty well in the top flight. Oh grief a footballing lesson is a-coming. And we don't have our star striker.

Best thing is not to get injured and save it all up for the championship. I sound like the manager of an ailing English Premier League club.

Not up for the cup? Oh the romance has gone.