Thursday, 26 June 2008

The Record Attempt III

I have noticed over the years that watching lots of men and women hitting a tennis ball has helped my game.

At least for a while.

So I was mightily impressed when I played tennis this morning. But then the habitual incompetence kicked in or was it fatigue? Or both?

Regularity is what's needed. The only sad thing about this morning's exploits was the location. It was indoors. Shame. Since outdoors it was a lovely, sunny day.

But it wasn't my club and I was the guest. The key thing was the participation.

Obviously at Wimbledon fewer players will be concerning themselves with participation.

One of those on the way home is Novak Djokovic. Tamed was he by the maverick Russian Marat Safin.

I've always liked Safin. He's got a gleam in his eye and is obviously a party boy.

One of my favoruite times in the Roland Garros press room was a Safin debriefing as to why he lost against some player.

Safin - hailed by Pete Sampras as the future of tennis back in 2000 - went on about the percentages of playing a certain shot a certain way and how there should technically be only one kind of shot coming back. But if the player starts to defy that logic, you say it's lucky or a fluke. Or even skill.

But not event the skilful, he explained should be able to override the logic for too long.

And when a journalist asked: "But why didn't you change the system?"

Safin replied: "Listen my friend, I live tennis....."

I've always liked that phrase.

I'm going to live some more tennis on Monday morning. Must remember to keep the focus
even if it is indoors.