Friday, 24 December 2010

Christmas Eve

Mein Gott. Christmas Eve 2010. The year has whizzed by and I find myself in Caffe Nero in north London preparing for a bit of work at the radio station via the telephone.

Fortunately enough has been happening in London to justify my English dateline so in a way I should thanks Eurostar for having stranded me here. Why do in Paris what you can do in London when it can save money and save mental anguish.

Eurostar sent me a text message saying that it was planning to run a quasi normal service. Just turn up and hour before your departure, the email suggested.

That's not normal. I'm usually 35 minutes before the event.

But these are not normal times. I am in a cafe in north London working for an English language radio station based in Paris.

As strange as the queues at St Pancras International.