Wednesday, 3 December 2008

The Presents

One of the great things about the radio station is that they dish out Christmas presents for the children.

The choices have been in the main quite interesting. Last year I got massive hugs of gratitude when an MP3 players winged its way to the eldest.

And it has helped me too. Since its introduction into our lives I've learned how to go into the Itunes library on my computer and turn the songs there into tracks that are compatible with the MP3 player.

Not something I would ever have seen myself mastering. But when there's a 9 year old breathing down your shoulder, I guess you have to show dynamism.

This year's present isn't quite as seductive. Me and the missus chose a belt. It looks slightly combat ready but it is a dogfight out there.

The middle one got some memory/observation game. This in retrospect is a bad move as she only occasionally remembers to land on this planet.

But when she walks among us, she should enjoy it. The boy will eventually get a toy which makes noise.

Hopefully he'll play with it on Saturday mornings when I'm out playing football.