Tuesday, 24 February 2009

The Real Match Day

The UEFA Champions League has returned. And coming to think of it The Match Day concept only exists in the group stages. They're long gone now. But after the first leg in the last 16, you can't really say there's a clear cut candidate for the last eight.

Maybe Wednesday night's games will provide some spice. I sincerely hope so as I'm going to do the weekend magazine on it.

As we draw nearer to my own matchday this Saturday I have picked up a new ailment. My left ear has gone all funny.

I don't think it is the thigh muscle strain working it's way up and out of my body. The missus thinks it could have come from some pressure thing in the tunnel on Monday night.

Well that's enough to put you off train travel. But will it affect my balance?

Already looking for excuses. Clearly I'm ready to take to the field.