Thursday, 1 October 2009

The Tomorrow People

Just love the techno age. Have just got a hold of the software to watch The Tomorrow People, a series from my innocent youth. Never saw all of them because I think I had piano lessons or something like that.

This is all from the 1970s and the acting is as plonky as the sets.

Top nostalgia. Only eight seasons to catch up on. Doubt I'll be doing much sleeping over the next couple of weeks. Will have to show it to the children.

The Vote

In Copenhagen they'll be deciding the venue of the next Olympic Games. Chicago, Tokyo, Rio or Madrid.

Well it's London in 2012. Where in 2016?

We will know on Friday. For the moment just concerned about going to Angola and South Africa to watch some football.

Did I say football? A the beautiful game. I am gearing up for the first appearance of the season. It's a cup game on Saturday and I am anxious about a left leg. Is this a tight hamstring I feel before me?

No need to get theatrical about this.

Maybe if I don't go, then it will be OK.

That's so intelligent.