Monday, 16 June 2008

The Euro Glory I

How can a football tournament survive without England? Quite well seems to be the answer. They're having a laugh in Austria and Switzerland.

Both co-hosts out in the group stages. All together now, ahhh.

Should not be surprised really. But while a certain section of Austria were writing off their side's chances before a ball was kicked, the national team weren't humiliated in their games. Austria lost 1-0 tonight against Germany. If the score had been the other way, then the Austrians would have progressed.

It was not to be. Tuesday night should be fun. France have to beat Italy and hope that Roumania do not beat Holland.

Otherwise it's home time for the world cup finalists, who would have thought that possible.

It's a funny old game as one British footballer once remarked. After my own season with the right, how right.

Now where to watch the match that will grip a nation.