Saturday, 9 February 2008

The Post Office

I almost wish I travelled up to Kumasi today. Ghana beat Cote d'Ivoire 4-2 to get the third place prize.

I'm sure the party in Kumasi will be worth attending. But I thought for the sense of stability I'd stay in the capital.

I am pleased to have been with the people watching the match rather than with loads of journalists in the press tribunes.

It was more of a laugh. During half time, I asked Foster to take me to the post office so I could send off the batch of cards that I've written. We couldn't find a letter box. A woman there said the free standing receptacle was where I could drop the letters off.

It could be picked up by anyone. So I thought I'd leave it till Monday.

The hotel staff are having a cocktail for all the RFI staff. Mighty kind of them. They'll be in good spirits after the victory.

As the adverts have been singing all tournament, Go Ghana Go.

Wish the cheesy musician would do the same.

The Third Place Play Off

Ghana will play Cote D'Ivoire in a few hours. Three weeks ago when I was but a boy in Accra, this was widely thought to be the final.

Nothing is inevitable in football and so in the semi finals, Cameroon beat Ghana and Egypt thrashed Cote D'Ivoire.

I thought that the Ivorians would win the title. But they didn't take their chances. At any level you've got to stick the ball in the back of the net.

I wonder how the lads are getting on back in Paris. Given that they were losing quite drastically with me there, it's been as soothing as it is upsetting to find out via the emails that they're getting pasted in my absence.

I don't think we'll be pushing for third place in the division this season.

It's going to be interesting to see if I'll be a better player after all this football.

Like I said nothing is inevitable in football.

The Bus Station

The STC bus station in Accra merely confirmed all my prejudices about road journeys.

It was chaotic. I didn't spend that long there but I'm sure if I had I would only found structural disorder beneath.

I want to go to Cape Coast on Monday. The 7am coach is full so the only one left is 4pm.

As the voyage will take around three hours. I'll be in Cape Coast at 7pm. Just in time for my evening meal. On Tuesday I'll be able to get up have a look around and then head into Elmina for Tuesday night.

This is the plan. But what good is that sometimes. I can't buy my return ticket for Accra next Saturday yet. I have to do that nearer the time and then of course it might be booked out.

This is starting to remind me of Paris. Strange that Ghana was once a British colony.