Saturday, 24 January 2009

The Alternative Saturday

Deprived as I was of combative physical exercise, I decided to go for a swim. Actually I was pushed off the sofa by the boy and decided to go and commiserate with myself in the pool.

The piscine is a glorious place when no on is there and at just gone 7am on a Saturday morning no one is there. In fact it was so alluring there might be a case to scrap the football and do the swimming.

Especially when I can spend it with the darling sweeties. I took the daughters to buy some yoga mats and on for a chocolat viennois.

They were then lunched. The middle child came with me to the radio station while the eldest went home - her belly full of confit de canard and pommes sautees.

Me and the mid kid spent the day at work with me working and her dooing drawings, reading and playing computer games away from the excoriating criticism of her big sister and the niggling tendencies of her baby brother.

I get the feeling the mid kid would love nothing more than jumping on the train with me and doing more of the same in London.

Wouldn't mind it myself.