Friday, 9 October 2009

The Peace Prize

Must say I was quite surprised that Barack Obama was handed the Nobel Peace Prize. It was clearly a slow news day because there were enough people on the box wondering whether he deserved it.

I visited the Nobel foundation place while in Stockholm a few summers back just to get a flavour of the whole thing. My attitude is: I'm never likely to win one so well done to anyone who does.

Matchday I 09

First taste of the big league in the morning. Preparation was hit by the cancellation of the yoga class. How can I be as one with the ball without my Hatha session from the night before.

Questions. Perhaps getting a decent night's sleep might help.

I was ousted from the sofa by the middle child after being shunted from the bed by the boy. Well at least it meant an early breakfast and an episode of Star Trek to keep me going.

Went back to bed after I'd taken them all to school and visited the town hall.

Had to do that to get the railway discount card. Proof that I am in a couple.

Would have thought the bags under the eyes was testament enough.