Monday, 10 March 2008

The Fear

I'm sure there's a line in the film Withnail and I about "the fear". I will have to check it out at some point. Certainly not now.

I have noticed how aches are beginning to multiply about my person. Sadly not those of sexual longing. Merely ones preceding football on Saturday.

Maybe it's psychosomatic. I haven't played for going on two months and I'm starting to anticipate pain. Wow.

I wish I could anticipate a couple of passes.

I signed up this morning for Saturday's encounter. I planned to cycle into the radio station but that scheme went out of the window as I left my keys there on Sunday and then forgot to ask the missus for her key to the bike house.

Oh well since it was blowing up a gale, it was probably the safest thing.

I didn't let that mishap interrupt my high energy day. I went for a swim and was my ever majestic self at the Piscine Pontoise. I felt so regal as I did my breast stroke. Any sign of open water and I went all freestyle.

I have no idea where the team lies in the league. But it's the participation that matters.

In the FA Cup over the weekend all the teams that should have won failed to do so. What marvellous examples Barnsley, Cardiff and Portsmouth set.

Barnsley beating Chelsea was probably the best result of the lot in terms of improbability. I was thinking that the Chelsea owner Roman Abromovich got rid of Jose Mourinho because the self styled 'Special One' was unable to provide his boss with entertaining football despite the millions spent on players.

Jose has gone. Avram Grant has come in. The players have stayed.

The team's entertaining loads of people now.