Wednesday, 12 March 2008

The Treasure Hunt

Some people strive to be millionaires. Others want to be company director. Me? I want to find my video cassette which has a couple of episodes of Monty Python on it.

The video was recorded many years ago. I couldn't sleep a couple of nights ago and so I delved into the video library and fished it out. Watched it and dropped off on the sofa. Oh joyous early morning.

I left the cassette in the video machine and went to retrieve it tonight but it has gone. The main culprit is the boy since I don't remember taking it out and putting it somewhere without the sleeve.

So the hunt is on for the cassette. Though the flat is not that big, this could be anywhere. The question is what kind of approach do I take to finding this.

Maybe this is a question for one of those parenting messaging boards.

If it can't be found then I'll have to go out and buy the Python stuff on DVD.

Then again the message boards might have some generic suggestions for where two year olds place stuff out of their parents' video players.

Well at least it wasn't one of my old Star Trek videos. I wouldn't be so phlegmatic about one of those being misplaced.

I'd almost get illogical about finding it.