Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Zen Interlude

The advert goes the future is bright, the future is Orange. I do have a mobile phone account with Orange. But it really isn't on the basis of their shop in Place de la République. Actually there you do get to taste the future because it takes at least 30 minutes to get served.

But that was the subject of a previous blog or was that a rant?

I sent off a voucher to get some kind of refund for buying an iphone. Still nothing back. Maybe it will come. If it doesn't I don't foresee a bright future with Orange.

My point? Went to yoga. Highly indulgent this. No football this Saturday so what was the motive? Sheer pleasure at pushing myself to the edge and being happy to bounce out at the end.

I do believe the gammy side is healed. I did some things that three weeks ago would have been impossible.

The moral of the tale is next time I go up for a header, don't.

Of course now I'll be conscious of my torso. Maybe I should look for some exercise that strengthen that so I will be super tough next time a goalkeeper tries to take a chunk out of me.