Thursday, 12 June 2008

The End of the Affair II

It's probably the last match of the season coming up on Saturday. The football team has been relegated and all that's left is to consider whether Euro 2008 is any good without England or whether France can emerge from the Group of Death after having drawn their first game against Rumania.

I'm turning to tennis. I seem to be less upset after a tennis match. I've given up all hope in my hero Roger Federer. He's collapsing as extravagantly as he rose.

But I guess he is an old man. He'll be 27 in August. Give it up Roger you're over the hill. Go out gracefully let the young bucks take the centre stage.

Quite why I'm playing veterans football with that attitude beats me.

So the last game of the season is a friendly somewhere in the suburbs. The last official match of the season was on grass and I was abject. Perhaps I should not have played as I was probably thinking about the Roland Garros women's final. Not a good match for me, the football that is.

As I'm playing on Saturday morning, it means I'll have to forego the 'Sleep In' at the daughters' school on Friday evening There is anger over plans to increase class sizes, change the whole approach to schooling etc, so the parents are going to show their solidarity with the teachers by sitting in. Hurrah.

I suppose it is 40 years after the activities of 1968 and as this generation wasn't able to partake in all those social ructions this is as good as it gets.

I am reluctant to go and sleep in with people I hardly know even if the cause is beautiful. But then I should stop being all British and loosen up and get it on with these Latins.

Perhaps I'll try and save my flair for Saturday morning.