Thursday, 8 May 2008

The Bank Holidays

I have become all confused. I've been here nearly eight years and yet the May Bank Holiday extravaganzas leave me blitzed. Today's day off is for the end of world war two. There's another day off coming on over the weekend.

I just hold my breath and close my eyes and then it's all over.

The school holidays ended on May 5 and before you know it they're into truncated weeks. Methinks the holidays should have just fallen in the bank holiday binge. But that would be logical and I have learned many things during my time here.

Do not expect logic. Hell that's why I live here. It isn't obvious.

At least the swimming pool was open this morning. I went with the missus a few days back and we found an appalling level of service. There were no lockers available. Either in use or broken. So I had to put all my worldly belongings in my bag and stick it by the side of the pool.

I wasn't so worried about my Euro laden wallet being taken more my Paris Passe Famille which allows me free access to the pool. If that had gone..well interaction with bureaucracy is not good at the best of times.

Just imagine it during the bank holiday beano.

The horror.