Tuesday, 22 September 2009


What I have come to know about September is that there will be sleepless nights. It always happens. It is impossible to avoid it. Maybe because I suspect it is going to happen so therefore it is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The thing to do is ride it out. Good thing there is a blog to attend to. And then there are my Star Trek DVDs. Make very early mornings tolerable.

I was at Roland Garros on Tuesday morning waiting to have a knock-up with my doubles partner Eric. And I thought to myself, this ain't bad having a cup of coffee on a bright sunny autumn morn at one of the world's top tennis venues.

Losing so early in the competition is almost quite welcome.

But that's not fighting talk. Fighting talk will be about all we'll have from this football season. We have been thrust into the top division because at a meeting at which we were not present one of the teams who should have been in the top division said they wanted to be in Div 2. Et voilĂ . Team that wanted to be in Div 2 now in Div 1.

I said to one of my team mates who works at RFI that we at least know our fate this season.

A bit like me and Septembers.