Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Sorting Times

There must be something in the weather. Perhaps it is the season changing. I was on Tooting Bec Common on the bike on the way to work and I saw the conkers on ground.

That might have sparked the reverie. It certainly did take me back.

Was sorting through my dad's things today and found an exercise book from 1970. It had drawings of goalkeepers, warships and planes and on one page the question was posed: How was God born?

That has rather cheered me up. I think I might use it as a default response to an issue I'd rather not voyage into.

I wish I'd found the phrase earlier. It might have helped me write off difficult situations more quickly but then I might have had to endure the woe of being a a cop out.

Also found in dad's pile a little homily on aspiration. About looking past the immediate.

Seem to be coming to the split of London as the venue for contemplation and Paris as site for living.