Monday, 20 September 2010

The Symmetry

Police are apparently running around Paris looking for a female suicide bomber. The security services have it on good authority from two sources that this lady is hell bent on destroying herself and a carriage load of people.

This is not good news. The suicide bombers have done their bit to make London super edgy and now they're angry with the French - more pointedly the Parisians

I'm just hoping it is a deflection story aimed at taking everyone's minds off the fact that the French government are kicking out the Roma from their midst.

The papers I read on the train over from Paris on Sunday were full of stuff about migration, immigration, work patterns, the need for foreign labour, the problems of foreign labour.

I guess I won't know how much substance there is to the rumours until a bomb goes off or the security services capture the kamikaze lassie.

It seems a shame that we can't all get along and grow old in peace. But I guess that was never the way of the world.

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