Friday, 30 January 2009

Matchday VIII Preview

Well this one is against the team we lost 5-4. Was they lucky? They was indeed. Probably. Can't remember. But it's the rematch and from the emails going out I don't think we're going to be numerous. That is depressing.

I was at the radio station today and the boss asked me to switch to an earlier shift. I had to say I think the team needs me. We're threadbare.

So there it is, I've been given dispensation to play and then go in and present the programmes. It is so much easier when I can do the sport and be left well alone.

But it's never like that. Went to relaxation class and was well and truly stretched. We did something to open up the portals of the feet and I must admit they did feel lighter.

I tried to imagine the ball gliding from foot to foot. But that was pipe dreaming. Not likely to happen.

But I might be able to run and not pull up in agony. We shall see.

I was just putting the bike away when I got a call. It was the eldest asking me when I would be home because the missus had been sick and hadn't cooked them any supper.

This kind of thing doesn't help the focus.

So rather than catering for my own meagre needs, it was the galloping gourmet or perhaps that should be galloping ohm(et).

Once the girls had been dispatched it was just a question of the boy.

Two stories and some potty action later he's eventually decided to stay in his room.

I no have free range on the sofa while the invalid spreads out in the bed. I shall doubtless be joined by the boy later.

As the yoga teacher said earlier: "This one and a half hours is just for you. Whatever happens later is later. Now is yours."

Mine was indeed then. But now is silence - apart from the cartoon series The Tick on the DVD.

Either I have to get the video cassette recorder fixed or buy DVDs of Star Trek.

That's the kind of fare for the night before a match.