Friday, 24 October 2008

Matchday V Preview

One of the great things about relegation is that you get to go places that you've been to before. However the trip to Argentueil is an arduous one. It involves getting to St Lazare, a train from there and quite a hike from the station to the ground.

The pitch is near the river and quite honestly after my last game there I wish some of the opponents would go and jump. I was trotting up to the halfway line and one of them came and kicked me in the calf. Just a little tap. I thought he had tripped up and had clattered me by accident.

At the end of the game he said: 'You know what happened in the centre circle, well that's all part of the game." I said something along of the lines of: "Maybe part of your game but not the one I know."

The problem with the team as I remember is that they've got quite good players but very little team ethic. We won 3-2 last time but it was a tough game.

And that was without the little bits of gamesmanship. Maybe that lad won't be playing.