Sunday, 19 October 2008

Matchday IV Post Mortem

2-0 up and pegged back to 2-2. Bit of a shame. I was on the sidelines after being substituted in the first half and I was saying to one of the others waiting in the wings, it's looking OK as long as Renon isn't substituted. Well at that very moment he pulls up with a gammy right leg.

I go back on and we finish the half 2-0 up but with the speedy midfielder Nelson complaining of a leg issue and Laurent, a ball holder off already. You knew it was going to be tough.

What was annoying was that the opposition's goals were totally lucky strikes. Poor goalkeeping. No other way to describe it. But we win as a team and lose as a team etc etc.

Went into work after the match and watched Chelsea rack up the goals against Middlesborough. Great time to transfer my allegiance to Inter Milan -just as the team of my youth start playing like a classy outfit. Ho hum.

Well Sunday at the office was a chilled affair. I took the middle child in and we had a lovely day. She played on the computer games as I monitored news wires. She was doing some maths game which was a spin off of Space Invaders. It was really cool.

She was impressed that I got to level 4 and managed to stop the alien invasion with my additions.

While waiting for various results from around Europe I noticed that Colin Powell had decided to back Barack Obama as the next president of the U S of A.

It is difficult to know whether this endorsement is a good thing or not. Maybe the former secretary of state remains a republican and it is a neo-con plot.

November 4 is the day when all shall be revealed.

Am listening to America at the moment. All that AOR from the 70s or whenever. Ventura Highway. Reminds me of school and my best mate at the time Danny Wood.

Don't know his whereabouts. Another old school mate has informed me that there is a gathering near Reading on November 4. He said he'd only go if he was propped up with some moral support from me.

I would have been tempted to attend but have to be in Paris for a Saturday whiff of work. Didn't even mention the football.

Who would I really want to see after all these years?

What I really want to see is a convincing goalkeeping display.

Might have to wait for that one. As for my role? Just keep ploughing those furrows in the swimming pool.

Don't think that metaphor actually works. A bit like our defence at the moment.