Thursday, 12 March 2009

The Mat

There's a run on yoga mats at Go Sport at République. This strikes me as really odd. How can somewhere which is supposed to stock yoga mats not have yoga mats?

I didn't stick around to ask. Actually I wasn't even given the chance to enquire. The assistant told me they'd be in next week and off he went into a store room.

Well next week beginning of the week? Next week end of the week? Next week is quite a long stretch.

So my brilliant plan to take a mat to London has been scuppered. I was thinking of going down to Les Halles to see if they had it there. But I didn't have that kind of time.

Monday's little practise in London will have to be done on the cold hard floor.

It will doubtless make me appreciate the plush mat I have for Paris.

But while I was unable to splash out on a mat, I was able to buy a pair of swimming goggles.

They're UV and look sleek. I think I'll go faster just wearing them;

They had a list by the goggles stand detailing usage.

For the leisure specs, there were a couple of lithe adolescents seemingly at the shallow end of a municipal pool.

But the picture for the frequent usage/training glasses showed the gleaming white teeth emerging from an elite jaw.

Well I had to buy the Speedos. It would have been wrong not to have bought them.

Though I suspect I am probably too leisurely in the pool for the all action types.

That's what makes yoga so appealing. You go at your own speed. One om per hour.