Monday, 22 October 2007

The Comeback

Well the Red Sox did it. They beat the Cleveland Indians and so have the chance to play the Colorado Rockies in the World Series.

I never thought that was going to happen. Fenway Park, which we walked past on our way back to our hotel in Boston, must have been explosive on Sunday night after the comeback.

Boston's return from the depths is the 11th time in more than a century of play-off baseball that a team has fought back in such a manner.

The Red Sox were the most recent to achieve the feat when they rallied from 3-0 down in 2004 to beat the New York Yankees, thereby becoming the first club in Major League history to make such a reversal from the brink of elimination.

Clearly this is not the simplest modus operandi. But maybe it's the Red Sox way. It wouldn't surprise me if they now go on and winthe next four games to win the World Series.

I might just keep a watching brief on it. But my sympathies are more likely to be with the Colorado Rockies since I have more of an affinity with Denver having been there a handful of times to visit my old university chum Frances and her family.

And it's home to Skyline — the ultimate sporting location.