Saturday, 28 June 2008

The Scholar

I got a couple of wake up calls before the wake-up call.

I'd managed to get back to sleep after the mid morning nappy change.

The eldest girl woke up bright and early for her trip to optional school.

When it is compulsory on a Saturday morning, it has been a struggle to prise her out of bed. The day she doesn't have to to go she was awake 6.50am (without the aid of an alarm clock) and sitting in the kitchen doing drawings having fed herself with the Muesli left out by her beguiled father.

I took her to school as promised, came back and returned to my pyjamas for another 30 minutes or so of sleep before the rest of the troupe arose.

There were only seven children in the class so they joined another rag tag mob and whiled away the hours doing sums and the like.

Should have used the time to introduce the spawn to logic.