Thursday, 14 October 2010

Orange Tree

I'm not so sure that reading a book is the best way to survive the Orange Store in Republique. The system won't change unless pure anger is poured forth by everyone.

I arrived at 1030 this morning to find a queue outside the shop. Even when it is closed there are people waiting.

Some bloke arrived after me and just silently pushed his way towards the front. This is where e can enter into national characteristics because of course "the French" don't queue like "the British".

So it allows people to do that kind of thing. But rather than getting bolshie at the queue barger I just kept cool because I knew that another 10 minutes wouldn't make much difference.

Besides I had alloted an hour to the whole process.

Hallelujah, the things that didn't work on Wednesday work on Thursday and I have the new phone.

I just have to go and get the protective film for the screen and a case to hold it.

At some point I have to work today.