Monday, 16 July 2012

End of the Dream

I am disappointed. I've just received an email from the Olympic site organisers informing me that the entrance near Hackney wick overground station is to close. 

That is a shame as it was very near the press centre and didn't involve running the retail gauntlet at Stratford. There are rather loftily entitled places called the Eastern, Western and Southern Gates. 

But they don't seem to be near any of the much hyped transport hubs. 

I can only assume this is being done for safety reasons and we can't complain about that. 

Were I looking to create a stir I would dub this Gategate. It's a scandal that we're being funnelled into tight spots.

But I really shouldn't complain. I've just seen in the Guardian that The Voice - Britain's biggest selling and oldest newspaper for the Black community - isn't being given accreditation for the Olympic stadium.

The paper is outraged as there are vast numbers of British athletes with Afro Caribbean backgrounds. The paper does have three other reporters allowed to roam the games but many wondrous things will happen inside the stadium and the paper won't be there to witness it at first hand.

Voicegate and Gategate - all within about 20 minutes. And with the continuing rain lashing down on our fair capital, we are on the cusp of a Watergate.