Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The Holiday part III

Wow wines galore. In fact it was a hyper market of the stuff at a place called the Cave des vins. Fortunately it was not underground. Had enough of subterranean ventures at the chateau at Breze. A chateau beneath the chateau was its unique selling point. And we wended through caverns and dungeons and underground bakeries. Would be a god place for a party or a film. But it was grey and cold and they must have suffered in days of old.

Loire version 2012 is not as hot as Loire version 2011. But 2011 was mighty warm and that was freaky. I have enough layers so that is a good thing.

And the owners have set the heating on. So it's cosy in the morning and not horrific at night. In between it means that you have to go out or get chilly.

But with so many chateau to choose from who would want to stay in. Chinon, Breze. Whar a wonderland.