Monday, 5 May 2008

The Drawings

Quite how the Fondation Henri Cartier Bresson got a hold of my Guardian email address, I'll never know. And it seems quite churlish to ask.

The invitation arrived a few weeks ago to go along to the press view of an exhibition on Saul Steinberg at the foundation down in the 14th.

So as today was the day off I went. And it was excellent. Well that's what I wrote in the visitors' book. When confronted with such tomes, there's a pressure to add something spectacular. There was a book in the gite where we stayed in the Loire. I did not consign my thoughts to it.

However when the email from French Country Cottages arrived about whether I was satisfied with my stay, I did fill that out suggesting that it might be a good idea to get the address right.

But at least the telephone number was correct.

Anyway, the Steinberg exhibition was excellent so I thought why not put "excellent". At least I didn't spend minutes trying to be creative. Got on with the task of enjoying the drawings.

A range from the playful to the political. The whole creative gamut.

Sadly the latter has excaped the football team for the season and we're going back down to division two. One inglorious season in the top flight. And it's all over. The team we came up with whom we beat at the beginning of the season is staying up. We've just not adapted well with key injuries and of course I'm sure me going to Ghana and missing six weeks didn't help.

Though I'm not so sure about that given that I've missed two good chances to score a goal in recent matches.

This has caused no end of existential doubt. I do not know what happened for I expected to score.

And the fact that I didn't has left me rather perturbed. Fortunately it was not going to alter the course of the match. But it's all about personal satisfaction.

Just have to get back out there and try again.

Obviously need a midweek five a side football match.