Thursday, 6 November 2008

The New Season II

Well America has a new president. And it is so momentous that I even managed to wake up at 4am on Wednesday morning and listen in to Barack Obama's first speech as president elect. Quite something.

That was during a trip to England.

Back in Paris this morning I was listening to the BBC World Service and it really didn't stop going on about Obama being black. It was as if if it was unmentionable before the vote and now it's all out in the open. Nothing but stuff about segregation, racism and so on. To the point when I thought the only way to deal with being up at 3.15am on a Thursday morning is to watch the Rockford Files.

That was much lighter.

I'd been turfed out of bed by the boy who decided that he needed to be cosy between his parents but I ended up with a foot in my mouth. I felt it better to retire to the sofa to radio myself up.

But then that plan went down the tubes.

I was thinking of dipping into my new Laurel and Hardy collection of DVDs. A chance purchase at the former Virgin megastore on Oxford Street. I didn't though. It was the right move as it's not settling stuff. Ridiculous to the point of brilliant. The box set has 68 hours of features.

It's going to be a joyous winter.