Monday, 11 May 2009

The Democratic Way

Two days after the battle of wounded leg, I was dragging my frame up Highgate Hill and I thought why am I dragging my wounded frame up the hill when in fact I should be guiding it down the hill?

Simple really. I came over all zen after the morning yoga stretch and I decided not to race into Oxford Street to buy a portable CD player rather I would buy one in Paris with the money from the all the voice over work which tired me out which probably made me susceptible to injury.

There is an interconnectivity. I have seen the light too late.

There is a vote underway within the football team as to whether we should go up to the first division.
However if we keep on only turning up with nine or ten players then we're staying where we are.

I have said that I am up for going up. However there is a body of opinion which says that they're not up for going up and being beaten up as we were two years ago.

This is logical. Back to the Star Trek DVDs.