Friday, 14 March 2008

The Treasure Hunt II

No video of Monty Python has yet turned up. I'm not resigned to its loss but I'm not just going to tread on it. I haven't gone to a parenting message board for tips quite yet.

I went into the radio station early on Thursday to start working on a feature about a UNICEF scheme called Young Reporters. In the project six young journalists go into schools to retiterate the importance of education to children who aren't exactly convinced that it's relevant.

Before I got down to listening to the hour or so of sounds I collected during a trip to the Street Academy in Accra, I was talking to one of the studio production assistants whose bairn is even months old.

We got chatting about ear infections. I told her that I was well experienced on that issue with the boy. And then I said once they get older they start hiding things from you.

She said a friend had told her that the thing to do is to give the child another video to see if he takes it to the secret hiding place.

A brilliant idea. But it would have to be closely monitored. The last thing you want to do is lose another one. No time as yet to do that kind of thing.

Saturday sees the return to football action after a near two month pause for bagatelles such as the Africa Cup of Nations and school holidays.

It's a home match and 14 have registered their interest to play. I see myself clocking in for the last half hour. I don't want to overdo it now.

I've got to save my strength for the treasure hunt.