Wednesday, 26 December 2007

The Rethink

I should really be writing this in a cafe in St Germain. But I'm not. I'm in central London.

But the thrust remains the same. I'm looking at the essence of the blog.

Having been allowed to take unpaid leave of absence from my work in London, I'll no longer be travelling between Paris and London on a weekly basis.

I'll be staying in Paris. The reasons for this are quite simple. I'm going to tend the flock while my partner goes to Argentina to work.

The only way to take advantage of a chance like this is for me to take time away. We're not entirely sure when she's going but at least when the moment arrives I'll be prepared.

For a while www. won't be an address that accurately portrays the whirligig that I call my life.

Fortunately paul's chateaudeau at least covers me in terms of the Trade Descriptions Act.

And that's important because you need trust. Especially nowadays with social breakdown occurring all around us and our leaders bereft of ideas.

Hang on. The year in review comes in a couple of days. We're still supposed to be full of Christmas cheer.