Friday, 2 January 2009

The Cardigan

There is a shop near where we live which is deeply trendy. It's so cool it opens at 1pm and closes at 7pm. Last summer I bought a straw hat that my grandad approved of. He is 92 and said it reminded him of the ones worn back in Jamaica.

As the hat only cost a couple of euros I thought go ahead. I also bought a summer shirt. On subsequent visits there hasn't been anything quite so appealing but the other day I saw a cardigan. I wasn't wearing the right kind of shirt in terms of material so I didn't buy it.

Went back today - well after 1pm -with the right kind of shirt and it wasn't open but the keys were in the door on the other side and the lights were on.

I went off on a few errands, returned and still the same scenario. Lights on and no one home. I'm obviously not supposed to have the cardigan. So I'll spend the money on a better pair of tennis shoes.

The current ones have cracked up at the edges. In fact there's no grip on the left side of the left foot and that could be the reason for the crocked leg.

I doubt there's any link but at least it gives me food for thought as I trip along to the Adidas store on Tuesday to purchase a new pair.

Ones with ├╝bergrips.