Friday, 30 November 2007

The Light Interlude

Well the strikes according to me made its appearance in the guardianweekly podcast and in comparison with the other items on the show, mine was decidedly the most interesting.

No I joke. It was the least beefy of the pieces. There was stuff about George Bush's Annapolis extravaganza, the election result in Australia and a look at Anglo-Soviet shenanigans a year after the poisoning in London of the ex-KGB spy Alexander Litvinenko.

Just before I went into the studio on Monday, my interviewer, Isobel Montgomery, was talking to Ghaith Abdul-Ahad from Baghdad.

He was on a visit to London and had just dropped into the Guardian to say hello to a few people but once word got around that he was in, he was all over the shop giving interviews.

Ever considerate about other people's needs to go and hit the joys of Selfridges, I didn't delay him with another plea for an interview. After all this is not that kind of blog.

Well, what on earth is this kind of blog? Simple really. It's just an airy reflection on a life spent between two of the juiciest cities on earth.

There are plenty of places to find perspicacious insights into the onset of armageddon. But for the moment I'm keeping it breezy.