Friday, 25 September 2009

The Godfather

Came to London a few days early to see Tommaso play at the Crypt in Camberwell. In my distant past I once looked for a place to live in Camberwell.

I cannot remember if it was with my old school mate Chris or with an old girl friend. Whichever it was it never happened.

Anyway Tommaso was with his quartet and it was very good. He introduced me to one of his former pupils who'd studied the saxophone with my dad and Tommaso showed me the spot where dad had sat when he'd gone to see him at the Crypt a few years back.

I didn't sit in the same seat but the former student did say I resembled my dad. That kind of thing usually sets me off on the tear trip

At the end I went to see Tommaso to say goodbye. He thanked me for coming and I said I was able to get dispensation to come to London earlier as it was him and his concert.

I mean I would not miss the first game of the football season for a small trifle.

I also took the opportunity to ask him if he'd be godfather to the boy. This was the idea of the missus this morning in Paris. I said to Tommaso he didn't have to give an answer straight away but he said yes instantly and that got me crying.

I said the christening would be in Paris and he could play at a joyous event. But he said the funeral was a happy event since my eulogy put everyone at ease.

Cue more tears.

My nephew who was also at the concert thinks it will be really cool for the boy to have an Italian godfather.

Marlon Brando impersonations all the way to the bus stop helped to lighten what is still a heavy load.