Wednesday, 26 March 2008

The Centurion Part II

It wasn't the fairy tale ending. I was banking on a trademark Beckham free kick. But it didn't come. Just goes to show how much I know about the game.

England lost 1-0 to France and it was a good evening with my mate Neil in the Scottish pub watching France outclass our boys.

Lots of work to do before England become world beaters.

It's getting rather precarious. I might go through my entire adult life without seeing England win the world cup...or a major honour.

But at least I saw Chelsea win something big. Ah the glory days of Jose Mourinho. Not so keen on his successor Avram Grant. In fact right off that whole scenario.

But away from running around after a ball which I shall do this Saturday morning. But to more important things like Kultur.

There's an exhibition at the Fondation Cartier all about Patti Smith.

The last time I went to that venue it was to see David Lynch show his artistic prowess. And jolly weird it was too.

I'm slightly intrigued by the Patti Smith thing because really all I know is the song: Because the night belongs to lovers etc etc. I'm sure there's much, much more to her than that.

Likewise England.

The Centurion

It's amazing how quickly one call fall behind. More than a week without anything in the blog. Has all life stopped?

Nothing of the sort. Well all life stopped with the MacBook. The mother board went less than a year after buying the thing. But at least it was under warranty and the Apple Care thing.

My only concern was that there was quite a long queue of Apple Mac customers at the repair shop.

Anyway it's back now and working. Rather like David Beckham. He's playing for England after being so openly discarded by Steve McClaren and recalled by said ex trainer.

Well Fabio Capello - known hard man motivator of Italian football and the present England supremo - has handed him his 100th cap for England.

All I can say is well done Becks. You've deserved some of the brickbats and yet not all of the criticism.

It's a game of two halves. And what price a trade mark free kick to launch us on the way to cap 101?