Monday, 17 November 2008

The 1939

Given a choice between the Thameslink from north to south London or a Eurostar I have to say the inter city service still gets the nod.

Checking in for the 1939 on Monday night at St Pancras was a far more pleasant experience than the process for the 8.07 from the Gare du Nord.
Maybe because I saw an old mate for a drink before checking in. Maybe because it was probably one of the last drinks I'll be having in Farringdon Road.

The Guardian is moving to swish new offices in a few weeks. All convenient for me as the new era will be at Kings Place just a few minutes from St Pancras. All very cosy for a qucik getaway if I can get that getaway.

Was supposed to hear more about the new era from a line manager on Monday night. But he wasn't at work.

So that was a wasted trip into the pitface. But at least it gave me the chance to saw hello to some of the chums.

And it wasn't a deunct afternoon. Went into the Royal Academy to have a quick view of the Byzantium extravaganza. Lots of icons. Quite gloomy stuff. Upstairs there was more vibrant creations from Joan Miro, Alexander Calder and Georges Braque. All the glories essentially from the Maeght collection from here in Paris.

I might seek out the galleries of an afternoon here. Maeght durch Freude. Obviously trying to get ready for return to sub editing.