Thursday, 16 October 2008

The Nudes

Before now I never knew that nudes could merge with the very substance of painting. But that's because I hadn't been to the Picasso and The Masters exhibition.

What a difference a day makes. That could be the title of a song. And that difference is nudes.

A slice at the end of the extravaganza at the Grand Palais said that Pablo looked at how Rembrandt, Goya, Ingres and Manet had depicted naked ladies and Picasso went to town on the concept.

Fascinating how he revolutionised the essence of nudity. As this is a big exhibition it will need two or three visits to absorb the full impact. There were masses of people inside and of course the statutory queue outside. Hardy souls waited in the rain for their moment of entry.

The joys of a press card meant that I didn't have to suffer for my art.

Am truly suffering for the art of the midfield. Did my yoga class tonight. I felt well opened up. I hope my legs will arrive in the post before Saturday.

At least my mind is engaged.