Thursday, 29 January 2009

The 18

I note that my tennis hero Roger Federer is into his 18th grand slam final. He's won 13 of 17 so far. His losses have been three times at Roland Garros and at Wimbledon last year.

If he wins in Australia on Sunday he'll equal my previous hero's record of 14. 'Pistol' Pete Sampras was a monster at Wimbledon. He won seven there, five US Opens and twice in Australia. None in Paris.

Sound familiar?

The Strike IV

Everyone seems to be angry with Sgt Major Sarko.

Nearly a month into the new year and a day of action. Or should that be inaction. General strike - grève générale or as the wags put it rêve générale.

I didn't stop to ask anyone with this daubed over their jacket why it was a rêve. My mistake as there were quite a few in the Petit Chateau d'Eau when me and the bairns went in for our snack at tea time. As I have been reading in the papers: people are upset over their lack of spending power and the fact that there are job losses aplenty.

At this juncture it seems to me that if you have a precarious position that it is not the time to go and possibly jeopardise. But I guess one day off isn't going to tilt things that much.

Maybe we should have been out there demonstrating. Though I don't think that a demo is any place for a child. It could turn nasty.

Instead after lunch we did improving things like read books - well that's what the eldest did. The youngest had his siesta while me and the middle child watched the A Team on the sofa. Or rather she watched the A Team while I nodded off.

I am a big fan of the do-gooding heroes taking the side of the underdog against overwhelming forces. And somehow it seemed the apt programme for a day of action.

As the lead into the show says: 'If you've got a problem and no one else can help, maybe you can hire the A Team......'

Get on that phone Sarko.