Tuesday, 27 April 2010

The Day Out

It is a rite of passage. Madame Tussauds and the attendant excitement. The middle child was so excited she didn't sleep properly and spent the day trip in a state of dozy contentment holding my hand at every possible opportunity with the exception of the hamburgers and chips at Soho House.

The eldest child who took full credit for the idea was just joyous. Seeing Johnny Depp and some bloke from High School Musical sent her off in screeching delight. And she was a voracious poser next to the wax works.

What I liked was the middle one sitting right next to Aundrey Hepburn and looking as gamine.

The eldest seemed freaked at the waxwork, claiming the leg was moving.

My bank account certainly moved. Entry and pictures of offspring with various stars sent it downwards. But the pleasure.

Without measure.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

The Air Chaos

I don't particularly like airplanes, so travelling between Paris and London by train seems a perfect fit. But it's been sticky on the trains of late as the volcanic ash in the skies forces the air lot down to the ground and onto the train. I was asked a few times if I had suffered any problems because there were stories on British TV of horrific queues.

Well I suffered. We had a baggage scare at the Gare du Nord. An unattended item and the terminus was evacuated. That was terrible. Well that's what I thought until I saw the ashen faces of the international stranded.

Friday, 9 April 2010

The Missing

What could be worse than going missing from your own blog? Writing another blog and not cross referring it. That is what I've been guilty of. While in Angola for the radio station I wrote a blog about travelling around the country. And my what a journey it was.

Here is the link to some of the pieces and I am glad to be back in good old France. Getting ready for Roland Garros and the World Cup in South Africa.