Thursday, 22 January 2009

The Cancellation

Just as I was getting geared up for Saturday morning's exertions, an email arrived to say that the match has been cancelled.

Gutted. Sick as a parrot. I was ready for a big game. But it will have to wait for another morning.

So to console myself it's time for one of the Rockford Files. It's guest starring Susan Howard who later found fame in Dallas or was it Knot's Landing. I dunno. It's a google kind of thing.

I don't need to google what another of the guest stars went on to do. Sharon Gless is in another one of the Rockford Files and she became Cagney or Lacey.

I never watched the programme. More of a Starsky and Hutch kind of kid was I.

In fact given my affinity with American cop shows of the 1970s, it's a wonder I never entered pub quiz teams. But for that I'd have to go to a pub on a regular basis.

And that wouldn't help my football.