Thursday, 22 December 2011


A kindly couple of souls contacted me today to tell me that it seemed my email account had been hijacked. They'd received some messages about viagra supplies from Canada.

I tried to take action but failed. Rather apt really. I waited and hoped it wouldn't happen again.

And it hasn't happened again since this morning. Better check my entire online data facilties.

Currently just waiting for the results of the African Footballer of the Year as decided by continental coaches. The ceremony is taking place in Accra and André Ayew, Yaya Touré and Seydou Keita are up for the award.

It seems a long way to go for Touré who's Manchester City side are in action in a few days but these are young fit men. They probably don't fly economy and are more thank likley to have a couple of private jets around.

Travel by air has been banned by the bosses at the radio station. They want their charges to take any other means as the airlines haven't passed Euro safety standards.

As I'm not the happiest of flyers, this is fine by me.

But I've just tried to print something at work and the printers don't seem to be functioning.

Maybe they should go through some Euro checks.