Sunday, 20 September 2009

The Heat

The heat. The heat. The searing heat. Well it was hot outside as I toiled away inside trying to put together the 1400 and 1600 programmes.

There aren’t enough journalists around at the moment so I was redeployed from my usual sports slot and given the responsibility of producing the programmes.

RFI’s English service being a happy band, this is what has to be done sometimes.

Yet it does not really chime with the ├╝bermanagers’ viewpoint that we have a host of talented people and we will shove quality to a listening world.

I find it much easier to offer top sports news but obviously not on Saturday.

Clearly irked by stepping out of my comfort zone, criticism seems to have crystallized in my soul.

The path to the Eurostar lounge in Paris is badly situated. It is right by one of the accesses to the platform and with people forming a queue, it is often difficult to glide into the lounge without other passengers thinking you’re queue barging or simply brusque.

I am thinking of offering a few comments on this set-up just to see if there is any response from Eurostar's ├╝bermanagers.

Since Philippe Starcke conceived the Lounge scenario, perhaps passenger chagrin has been built into the concept.

Well I am well piqued.

Must be the effects of the heat.