Friday, 30 May 2008

The Latest Quest V

Serena Williams is no more. She went out and her conqueror Katerina Srebotnik was a joy in the press conference saying that she had worked very hard on her doubles play which fed into her singles life.

Srebotnik may have had a coach watching Serena on Wednesday night and if she did the coach would have said: "Make her move."

For Serena was looking ponderous on Wednesday night and she was moved all over the place during her defeat.

I have a chance to improve my play station prowess. There's some Xbox thing in the restaurant and when you're not watching tennis you can relax by playing it on some machine.

I was Boris Becker this afternoon, the studio producer was Roger Federer. It was one way traffic as poor Boris was annihilated.

Obviiously need to go and work on my forehand buttons.