Monday, 16 April 2012

The Holiday Part II

What I've always found fascinating about self catering holidays is the self catering.

But of course to do this means a trip to the hyper market or travelling with a car load of food. As we did not voyage packed with vittels, Monday has meant a trip to the Super U. Super it was was and U it was cold.

I can't argue with that really but I thought I'd gone into the tundra. When you end up doing the shopping in gloves you know that they take their food conservation seriously.

It fair knocked me out. I had to retire for a siesta while the children watched Harry Potter part 3. Something to do with the prisoner of Azerbaijan.

The eldest let slip that she found Harry Potter quite attractive. Might have something to do with the fact that he is the hero and solves problems. Guess I know what type of bloke she'll be bringing home in the future.

Man of action. That should really help send me into decrepitude. But I think I can do that very well myself.

The moustache project doesn't seem to be progressing apace.

But this is not something you can really do anything about. I looked at the table for the football team and from what I can gather the team is in the relegation zone, not on the fringes of it but actually in the zone with three games to go.

I sincerely hope the star players will be available for the crunch three matches otherwise it is division 3 next season and that would be a real drag. Might win some games.