Wednesday, 7 October 2009

The Bee Book II

Have started the book about bees. First chapter tells the importance of bee imagery throughout the centuries, throughout the millennia.

Everyone has had a wise word about the insect and as for the work they do in pollinating crops. Ooh they're busy.

The Fashion Crowd

I joined the fashion gang today. Lunching with the in crowd at the Palais Royal. Well it was an old friend of mine who was in town for the Paris fashion shows.

We ate and then I accompanied her to her next show at the Carré du Louvre. There was lots of flash photography and in she went into the melee.

What a life. I awaited the bus to take me to the radio station to find out the latest about the wide wonderful world of sports.

Before I got the bus I did notice a few of the late arrivals racing for the door. But they were all in these high heels and unable to advance very swiftly or gracefully.

Good looking girls in a hurry. Most unappetizing.