Friday, 14 December 2007

The Letter

I received a missive today from the Eurostar chief executive, Richard Brown. The idea, it says, is to keep me informed about all the latest developments.

Since the super fast tracks opened, punctuality is at 93.9%. I have to say I don't know if this is better than before since no information is given to me.

So let's assume that 93.9% is better than it ever was. Wow. Good stuff.

There's another part of me which says about time too. Britain joins up with the rest of Europe which has been whirling around in high speed luxury for a while.

The letter then comes onto the thorny subject of the lounge which should have opened a few weeks ago but which has had an array of teething problems as I discovered a few weeks back.

During the reconfiguration we've got an ersatz lounge in the departure hall. This is cordoned off by dark velours curtains and within the domain we've got most of the creature comforts the old lounge at Waterloo had.

I dare say when the St Pancras one is finally revealed to us it will be spectacular. The rest of the station is, if a tad belittling.

Mr Brown says he'll inform us of the opening of the lounge.

I find lots wrong with the new station but I can't fault the PR offensive. It's as slick as the high speed line.